Industry news

  • Logistics

    SPACE, EQUIPMENT AND CONGESTION REMAIN CRITICAL The tight space, high rate levels, and void sailings on ocean freight, predominantly on the transpacific eastbound trade, have led to build up of congestion and equipment shortages that are now at critical levels. Air Freight is also a concern ...
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    As we all know that everyone’s ultimate goal of learning to become beautiful and wear is to create their own exclusive style, which refers to the perfect combination of a person’s temperament and clothing. Before that, we need to find out what the style of clothing is, and then we ca...
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  • Audit

    Nanchang B-Land Shoes Manufacturing CO.,LTD passed BSCI ,Next,Fat Face,Barbour Audit. Factory has training system for QA and QC. Made full set pre-production sample before mass production.The pre-production samples approved by client kept in good position. The records for raw material,in-line and...
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